The Jeep Crash
daydreaming behind the wheel

An Impact...
never truly lost


My car
1. two spotlights smashed
2. bonnet filing cracked
3. front fender broke
4. kangaroo bar dented

His car
1. Signal light shattered
2. Brake light shattered
3. Trunk hood sunken
4. Back bumper smashed

Bang! Crackhhhhhh! The car grated forward in slow agony like a injured animal. I held my breath in disbelief.
Please oh no oh no oh no.
My car had hit the one right in front.

It was an accident, I swear.

The guy in front got out of his Proton, his face pale and contorted. I can't imagine what when on in his head, he was probably glad to be alive. He looked dead straight at me.

What will he say? What will I say?

I swear I didn't see him brake, maybe I wasn't even looking. I pulled the Jeep over. Hopped out of the car and faced him squarely.

He stood with both hands on hips. A dapper little fellow, he wore a pair of dark gliders. It was kind of hot. The other motorists stared and shouted.

Bayar ajelah!

I was deaf in stupor, hovering outside the physical world.

We exchanged numbers, and names. He wasn't all that mad, maybe he expected women to drive like this.....

My car's in the workshop, it's going to cost a bomb. Insurance! Phew! My Jeep's not as much a wreck as I am.

Sorry Dean! It was an accident!

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Tuesday 3rd June 1997