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Magazines, magazines, magazines

These are articles I wrote based on interviews and media conferences with visiting celebrities and er, pseudo-sporty types.

Marie Claire
Why girls are saying yes to ecstasy
(March 1999)

Anna Kournikova, the world's only lobbing Lolita
(February 1999)

US pro-wakeboarder Dean Lavelle talks about life, water and sex
(December 1998)

Her World
Shannon Lee: an interview with the daughter of Bruce Lee
(December 1998)

Samantha Cole thinks she's sooo sexy
(November 9 1998)

Humid heat nearly knocks out Donna Lewis
(September 23 1998)

The Corrs arrive for the Commonwealth Games '98
(September 22 1998)

Interview with 911, cheeky little chappies
(September 1998)

Story on Ultra, British boygroup
(August 1998)

Monster groupies at Aaron Carter's KL showcase
(March 1998)