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alive for 130 million years

    It is an offence to :
  1. Enter the Park without an entry permit.
  2. Fish and take photographs without licences.
  3. Convey into the Park or within the confines of the Park, be in possession of any weapon, explosive, tap net, birdlime, poison or any other thing intended or calculated to cause injury to any animal within the Park.
  4. Within the Park, disturb or take the nest of any animal to kill, injure, capture or molest any animal.
  5. Remove from the Park, any live animal or any part of a dead animal.
  6. Within the Park, cut, destroy or damage any tree or plant or clear, break up, dig or cultivate any land.
  7. Within the Park, willfully or negligently destroy, damage or deface any object of zoological, botanical, geological, ethnological or other scientific or aesthetic interest of value.
  8. Destroy, damage, deface or remove any notice boundary mark or other thing whatsoever the property of the Park.
  9. Use or occupy any building, vehicle boat or other thing being the property of the Park, except in accordance with any permission granted by a Park official competent to grant such permission or otherwise in accordance with the provisions of this Enactment.