spiral november 1997
Have you any idea how tedious it is to keep a diary? It's also incredibly taxing to write really, really creative stuff on the Net, because it puts a person (smack) in direct competition with millions of more interesting outputs on this plaguey, cross-border, highly addictive, space-efficient media.

I am really trying hard to make this place worth at least a couple of mouse clicks, but I'm a lazy bum, so it's got to show.

This is a themeless, personal site, so I may as well yak a bit about where I've been. There's my excursion to Taman Negara National Park, which was a good thing to happen. The place has been around for roughly 130 million years.

fountain pen nib Um, there's a couple of backdated stuff I've written, and a collection of prose and poetry from The Writers Club.

fountain pen nib If you're wondering about something more recent, there's a story about anguish called : Nothing But Wood.

My favourite person in the whole world, Dan, has a homepage just a link away...

Thanks for coming. And braving the cyberslack. My other links are on a weight-reduction programme. They'll be back soon, I really hope so.