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a newsletter from the folks who want to write but don't know what for.

welcome to the cunning linguist site

This newsletter was originally circulated in 1997, when the going was good and people had time to be idealistic about writing. To be perfectly honest, most of the original gang did not approve of writing such sick and twisted topics. Austin Powers hadn't come out yet so in a way we were all very righteous.

What do our members (12 of us including the gerbil) do now? Our efforts are mostly offline: we meet in realtime; we still argue, weep, slander and take silent and depreciating pity on each other. When we meet, our posturings are usually held at difficult places like the overpriced cafes in Bangsar. We like looking successful. Oh, we also like to kick over chairs and spew anti-establishment rhetoric to anyone patient enough to take the crap.

Despite the simplicity of this website please know that the newsletter, again an offline one, is alive and screaming your name. For more information on how you can make life wackier,

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